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—  Hand Pies —

A semilunar-shaped pastry with either a sweet or savory filling

—  Creamy Chicken Pot Pie—
Chicken Breast, onion, carrot, celery, butternut squash, sweet peas, fresh parsley, sage and Pecorino Romano bechamel sauce, in a flaky,crust.

—  Spicy Jamaican Beef —
Grass fed beef, bell peppers, potatoes, coconut milk, habanero pepper, Carribbean spices.


—  El Cubano  —
Slow-roasted pork shoulder, thinly sliced ham, pickled relish, brown mustard and Swiss cheese in a flaky crust.

—  Spinach and Feta  —
Spinach, feta, cream cheese, pecorino romano, green onion, and fresh herbs. VG

—  Green Chile Pork —
Pork Shoulder, fire-roasted green chilies, onions, lemon juice, cilantro, sea salt, and Monterrey jack cheese in a flaky crust.

—  Sides—
Quinoa Salad or Sea Salt Kettle Chips

—  House popcorn —

—  Maple Garlic —
Hand Mixed from pure maple sugar, granulated brown sugar, course Kosher salt, Tellicherry pepper, garlic, onion, and green onion flakes.

—  Devil's Spice —
Hand Mixed from Salt, Louisiana chile mash, garlic, habanero chile, shallots, Tellicherry pepper, lime peel, pimento de la vera, picante, cumin, allspice and vinegar.

—  Cheddar Cheese —
Hand mixed from real Wisconsin cheddar cheese, whey, buttermilk and salt.


—  Dessert  Hand Pie —

 — Classic Apple —
Granny Smith apples, butter, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and sea salt in a flaky crust.

— Lemon Creme —
AZ Grown Lemons, eggs, sugar, and whipped vanilla cream cheese in a flaky crust. 

 — Chocolate Cream —
Dark Ghiradelli Chocolate and real cream in a flaky crust. This chocolate pie is very velvety.